My microphone is back

We were in Malmö to do a concert at the end of November at a wonderful little place called Far I Hatten. It is an old restaurant, authentic from the thirties, and we had a blast that night. A lot of people showed up, and we could have kept on playing the whole night through!

Sadly, I lost my microphone that evening. I bought a new one in January last year (for you nerds out there I can tell you it’s a Neumann KMS 105) and I have been soooooo happy about it! It has made such a huge difference for me on stage. Anyway, we packed all our stuff a little after the show and I found that my microphone was gone. GONE!!

So, today I got a call from Far I Hatten and they said that they have found it! All this time I’ve had this bad feeling inside, I was thinking that someone took it! Oh, it feels so good to know that that wasn’t the case here, the world is still a beautiful place!!

Lots of love,



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