We have had a fantastic time in Greven, Germany at the festival GrevenGrass. So many great people, nice jamming and a lovely time onstage, both Saturday and Sunday!

Best of course was to hear the audience shout out our name: “DUN-DER-HEAD! DUN-DER-HEAD!” What a great feeling! We love you all, and hope to come back soon!


20140610-121512-44112202.jpgPicture by Hans Kelderhuis.

20140610-121512-44112305.jpgPicture by Hans Kelderhuis.


One thought on “GrevenGrass

  1. Hey dunderhead guys and girl 🙂 we allready congratulated you all withthe award when we were at Ewob, we were also at Greven and enjoyed being able to see you all play not once but twice,..keep on pickin’ ! Love your music, but more than that ,love to see how much you like playing it. Kind regards the wijkstra family,netherlands


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