Angelina +46 (0)736 701549

Mikael +46 (0)768 237559

Anders +46 (0)723 980590

Kalle +46 (0)738 151500

Jimmy +46 (0)729 359882

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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi again. I am one of a committee that runs Didmarton Bluegrass Festival near Cirencester here in the UK. This years festival has just been held – last weekend and I’m sure it will be at a similar date next year. If your proposed UK trip should coincide with this time of year, it would be good to see if we could arrange something. Rob.


  2. Hello Dunderhead,

    i have been on the GrevenGrass Festival and i was amazed about your style of Bluegrass. This kind of music (bluegrass) is often occupied by older men with a
    clear fundamental range of bluegrass- songs in mind.

    Dunderhead brought a breath of fresh air to that music, without changing the supporting elements.

    Thank you for that, and good luck !

    Christian from Germany


  3. Please come and visit Central Oklahoma. Maybe you can get booked for the Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival? Y’all can stay at the Global Grass Studio!


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