Great summer! Thank you!

What a wonderful summer we have had! We have visited EWOB in The Netherlands, GrevenGrass in Germany, LCBF in Belgium, Nääsville Bluegrassfestival and Östersjöfestivalen in Sweden, and last but not least La Roche Bluegrass Festival in France.

Dunderhead have been chosen #1 European Bluegrass Band 2014 and have also won 2nd prize at La Roche!

We want to thank everyone who came to see us this summer! We love you!

Check out our up-coming shows here.

Right after the awards at EWOB.

On stage (EWOB).

Leaving for Belgium and Low Country Bluegrass Festival.

IMG_0521.JPGPlaying the bluegrass game in our RV at GrevenGrasss, Germany.

Shawn Lane (BlueHighway) and Jimmy Hermansson at LaRoche.

Joke from The Netherlands gave us a copy of the EBMA Magazine, where we were featured and even on the front page!

On stage (Östersjöfestivalen)


Next week at KoM Bar & Musik

Hello everyone!

Next week, on Wednesday, we are playing in Gothenburg. This will be the first gig as “Dunderhead” and it feels really special and exciting! Come and join us! Another band will also play. The are called “Just as blue” and they are awesome 🙂

Here is a link to the facebook event, where you can read more about when and where we are going to play etc.

❤ Dunderhead

The result from the photo shoot

Here is the first picture from the photo shoot with Sonja Hesslow! We are so happy about this, Sonja is such a talented photographer. Visit her facebook page and be amazed by her work!

Great things going on!


We have created a Facebook Page for Dunderhead and we got 300 likes within 24 hours! Yeeeiiiijj! As the picture shows, Carl and Angelina are very happy! To visit our page, click here!


Valdemar and Mikael posing in the studio.


Rehearsal before the first recording.


View from the control room.


Jimmy 🙂


You gotta be cool if you’re gonna play banjo.

Booking, booking, booking, booking!!

Exciting things are happening! We are once more going to EWOB (European World of Bluegrass) in Voorthuizen in The Netherlands. It is a competition for European bluegrass bands and last year we came in on second place!! It is a great festival with lots of nice people and great jamming. One week after EWOB we are going to Grevengrass in Greven, Germany. It is a bluegrass festival that we have never visited before, but Mikael was there last year with his other band (Downhill Bluegrass Band) and had a great time.


So now we are thinking that maybe we should make this into a tour!! Please, give us your best tip on where we should go (The Netherlands/Germany/Belgium-area). Post a comment!

Love, Angelina & The Moonshine



Picture from last year at EWOB, The Netherlands

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you lovely people out there! As a christmas gift to ourselves, we decided to make a website for Angelina Darland and The Moonshine Brothers!

On this blog you will be able to read about our adventures on the road, follow in the making of our first album and write to us so that we can know who you are and what you think about our music! We love to hear from you!

Angelina and the brothers