Great summer! Thank you!

What a wonderful summer we have had! We have visited EWOB in The Netherlands, GrevenGrass in Germany, LCBF in Belgium, Nääsville Bluegrassfestival and Östersjöfestivalen in Sweden, and last but not least La Roche Bluegrass Festival in France.

Dunderhead have been chosen #1 European Bluegrass Band 2014 and have also won 2nd prize at La Roche!

We want to thank everyone who came to see us this summer! We love you!

Check out our up-coming shows here.

Right after the awards at EWOB.

On stage (EWOB).

Leaving for Belgium and Low Country Bluegrass Festival.

IMG_0521.JPGPlaying the bluegrass game in our RV at GrevenGrasss, Germany.

Shawn Lane (BlueHighway) and Jimmy Hermansson at LaRoche.

Joke from The Netherlands gave us a copy of the EBMA Magazine, where we were featured and even on the front page!

On stage (Östersjöfestivalen)


Next week at KoM Bar & Musik

Hello everyone!

Next week, on Wednesday, we are playing in Gothenburg. This will be the first gig as “Dunderhead” and it feels really special and exciting! Come and join us! Another band will also play. The are called “Just as blue” and they are awesome 🙂

Here is a link to the facebook event, where you can read more about when and where we are going to play etc.

❤ Dunderhead

Great things going on!


We have created a Facebook Page for Dunderhead and we got 300 likes within 24 hours! Yeeeiiiijj! As the picture shows, Carl and Angelina are very happy! To visit our page, click here!


Valdemar and Mikael posing in the studio.


Rehearsal before the first recording.


View from the control room.


Jimmy 🙂


You gotta be cool if you’re gonna play banjo.


Dear friends!

We are very happy to announce that we have decided to change the name of the band. We started playing together one year ago when we recorded a song for a project called “Sounds like a good story” and Angelina Darland & The Moonshine Brothers did a few concerts together. All of a sudden we won second prize at EWOB and the summer of 2013 was full of great gigs and making music together.

We felt more and more that we were becoming a “real” band and that the name was too long and complicated. So here we are, Dunderhead. Same music, new name.

Next week, we’ll start recording our first album. It is going to be aaaaaaaawesome!!!









Live video from Sunne

We just uploaded a video of our song “All for none” from our concert at Lonesome Pine Indoor Country Festival in Sunne. Hope you will enjoy it!

My microphone is back

We were in Malmö to do a concert at the end of November at a wonderful little place called Far I Hatten. It is an old restaurant, authentic from the thirties, and we had a blast that night. A lot of people showed up, and we could have kept on playing the whole night through!

Sadly, I lost my microphone that evening. I bought a new one in January last year (for you nerds out there I can tell you it’s a Neumann KMS 105) and I have been soooooo happy about it! It has made such a huge difference for me on stage. Anyway, we packed all our stuff a little after the show and I found that my microphone was gone. GONE!!

So, today I got a call from Far I Hatten and they said that they have found it! All this time I’ve had this bad feeling inside, I was thinking that someone took it! Oh, it feels so good to know that that wasn’t the case here, the world is still a beautiful place!!

Lots of love,